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When you’re first starting a Pokemon card collection, you’re probably not too worried about the rarity or value of your cards.

However, as you grow your collection and knowledge, it may be worth considering how rare your cards are and what they are worth!

Pokemon cards are classified according to rarity, from common to rare.

When it comes to Rare Pokemon cards, there are a number of subtypes that can be worth a bit of money!

Even if you’re not interested in selling or trading your Pokemon cards, you may be interested to know exactly what you have in your collection.

Keep reading to learn more!

Common Pokémon Cards

Common Pokemon cards are marked with a filled-in black circle and typically include basic, unevolved Pokemon.

Many English booster packs contain at least 4 to 5 Common cards, and these cards can also come in a Reverse Holofoil print.

Examples of Common Pokemon cards include:

Uncommon Pokémon Cards

Uncommon Pokemon cards are marked with a black diamond and can include both unevolved and evolved Pokemon. You’ll also find the majority of trainer cards in this rarity.

There are typically three Uncommon Pokemon cards in English booster packs, and they can also come in a Reverse Holofoil print.

Here are some examples of Uncommon Pokemon cards:

Rare Pokémon Cards

Rare Pokemon cards are marked with a black star and consist of Legendary and evolved Pokemon. There is typically one guaranteed rare Pokemon card in each English booster pack.

Rare cards can also come in a Reverse Holofoil print, which in a booster pack, is in addition to the one guaranteed card.

There are four subclassifications of rare cards: Regular Rare, Holofoil Rare, Ultra Rare, and Secret Rare.

There are also Gold Rare, Rainbow Rare, and Amazin Rare Pokemon cards as well!

Ultra Rare Pokémon Cards

Ultra Rare Pokemon cards are usually marked as Rare Holofoil cards but sometimes have a unique symbol to signify their rarity.

These cards are harder to come by than rare cards and are often associated with a unique mechanic, such as Pokemon Legend, Pokemon-EX, or Pokemon V.

Here are some examples of Ultra Rare Pokemon Cards:

Secret Rare Pokémon Cards

Secret Rare Pokemon cards are additional cards added to a set with a set number that falls outside of the printed size of the set. For example, a Secret Rare card may display 101/100.

Considered a subset of Ultra Rare cards, most Secret Rare cards are reprints of existing cards of the same set but with unique artwork, such as a gold trim, shiny Pokemon, or an alternate holofoil scheme.

Examples of Secret Rare Pokemon cards include Shining Pokemon and Crystal Pokemon, as well as:

Gold Rare Pokémon Cards

Gold Rare Pokemon cards are a highly-coveted among collectors!

They have existed for a while in the Pokemon TCG, giving additional flair to cards as well as max-rarity items and non-rule box Pokemon.

Here are some of the most expensive Gold Rare Pokemon cards:

  • Gold Ultra Ball
  • Gold Mew
  • Gold Crushing Hammer

Rainbow Rare Pokémon Cards

Rainbow Rare Pokemon cards were added to the Sun and Moon series and are some of the most difficult (and expensive) cards to find!

They are full-art versions of Pokemon and Supporter cards that feature a rainbow foil coloration.

For card collectors, Pokemon Rainbow Rare cards are highly sought after due to their lower pull rate.

However, some collectors and players are not crazy about the artwork and color scheme.

Some of the most expensive Rainbow Rare Pokemon cards include:

  • Pikachu & Zekrom-GX
  • Charizard VSTAR
  • Charizard & Braixen-GX

Amazing Rare Pokemon Cards

Amazing Rare Pokemon cards were introduced in the Vivid Voltage expansion and are identified by the Amazing Rare card rarity (an “A” surrounded by a colorful pinwheel-type border).

They also include an illustration with a multi-colored background that extends beyond the frame.

Amazing Rare Pokemon cards feature Mythical or Legendary Pokemon with attacks that have “Amazing” in their name and cost multiple types of Energy (that don’t typically match the Pokemon’s type from the core series).

Because they don’t have different names or labels, Amazing Pokemon are considered to be regular Pokemon.

Examples of Amazing Rare Pokemon cards include:

  • Celebi
  • Raikou
  • Zacian

What is the Most Rare Pokemon Card?

In 2022, the Pikachu Illustrator Promo Card sold $840,000.

It is now considered to be the most valuable and rarest Pokemon card in the world!

There were only 39 copies released - and only 10 have been certified by the PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator).

The Pikachu Illustrator Promo Card was awarded as a prize in a contest held by Corocoro Comics.

What Are Rare Pokémon Cards Worth?

The value of rare Pokemon cards depends entirely on the card and the type of rarity!

Rarity is a major factor when it comes to appraising a Pokemon card, with some of the highest-selling cards going for tens of thousands of dollars.

If you are interested in selling your rare Pokemon cards, identifying their value is fairly easy:

  • Identify the rarity of your card by looking at the symbol.
  • Look for an edition stamp at the bottom and to the left of the artwork, or look for “Wizards of the Coast” (this means that the card is an early edition).
  • Check the collector number to see if your card is Secret Rare or a Shining Pokemon (you’ll see a collector number that starts with SH).
  • Look for Holographic cards with a foil layer over the artwork (Reverse Holo has foil around the artwork). A Rare holo is considered to be valuable.
  • Check for extra words or symbols after the Pokemon’s name. Some Pokemon have a special symbol instead of a level number, and these cards can sell for hundreds of dollars.

If you think you have a rare and valuable card on your hands, you can always have it professionally appraised to see how much it is worth!

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