Preorder Policy

All preorder products will be shipped on or before the release date unless otherwise noted.

If your order consists of in-stock items or other preorder items that release on a different day, the order will NOT be shipped until ALL items are in stock.

Pre-Ordered products are available to cancel (10% fee may apply, please see "Cancellation Policy") from the time the order is placed, until the order with our distributors are due. Please contact for any cancellation requests.

Allocations of products are not known until after distributor orders are due. We will always do our best to not oversell products to avoid cancellations. While unlikely, distributors do short their buyers on products in some instances.

We reserve the right to cancel any order at any time and provide a full refund to the purchaser before fulfillment of the order. This will always be our worst case scenario if all other options are unsuccessful with providing the product.

If your order shows up as a Fraud Risk (EX. Mismatched billing/shipping address, lack of CVV code, mismatched IP address, etc.) we will most likely cancel your order. You may contact us if you believe the Fraud Risk is false to attempt another purchase.

If you place multiple orders for items that have a "Per Customer Limit", the orders over the limit will be cancelled unless otherwise arranged. Purchasers who abuse this rule by creating multiple names, addresses, etc. will have all orders cancelled and will not be allowed to purchase those products.

At this time, all preorder products must be paid in full at the time of purchase to ensure your reservation.