Pokémon Card Sales & Trades

Do you want to sell or trade your Pokémon cards? Swirl Cafe & Games allows you to sell or trade Pokémon cards for cash or store credit! Read on to learn about the trading and selling process as well as our trade and sell policies.


If you have questions, please get in touch with our team by visiting our Edmonton Cafe or our contact us page.


Selling & Trading Cards with Swirl Cafe

Trades and sales of 10 cards or more must go through our website’s Buylist. You will need to set up an account to access Buylist.


Once in Buylist, you can search for the card you want to trade or sell by typing the card name in the search bar. Cards can be filtered by set using the drop down menu.


Prices for both cash and credit are located under each card. Please pay close attention to the card condition, as this will affect the price. Note that “Near Mint” is the default condition. When you’ve found the correct card, select the correct condition, adjust the quality, and add to your Buylist using the “+” button. Your Buylist Summary is visible in the right hand sidebar. Once your Buylist is complete, you can submit it by clicking the “Submit buylist” button at the bottom of the screen.


You can choose whether you’d like to receive cash or store credit for your cards by using the drop down in the Buylist Summary. Once the Buylist has been submitted, this can no longer be changed.


Submitting Your Buylist Request

Before submitting your Buylist Request, ensure that you have all cards on hand and that they are sorted in the order as seen in your Buylist.


After submitting your request, you should receive a confirmation email. We have experienced issues with email addresses not always receiving the automated confirmation email. Do not worry, your Buylist has been entered into our system.


After submitting your Buylist you’ll need to bring your cards to our cafe for our team to review. Please ensure that cards are sorted and unsleeved. Depending on the size of your Buylist and the number of trades and sales we’re reviewing, we may need up to 48 hours to process your Buylist.  


Trade & Sales Policies

All Buylist submissions are subject to the following policies. Failure to adhere to our policies may result in your Buylist account being suspended.


Please contact our team at info@swirlyeg.com if you have any questions or concerns regarding our sales and trading processes.


Our Policies

      • As per Alberta law, you must be 18 or older to receive payment for your Buylist. If you are under 18, a parent or guardian may receive payment on your behalf.
      • The value of your Buylist must be a minimum of $5.
      • Our Buylist provides information only. It should not be considered an offer to buy. Incorrect or outdated pricing is not binding. Prices and demand levels on Buylist are subject to change at any time, for any reason.
      • Buylist prices are for English cards only, unless otherwise indicated. See our “Deductions” section below for more information.
      • Sending us an item constitutes an offer to sell the item "as is".
      • Swirl Café & Games reserves the right to refuse any offer made to us.
      • Swirl Café & Games reserves the right to limit the number of cards submitted for trade or sale.
      • Swirl Café & Games reserves the right to refuse a sale at any time, for any reason.
      • Swirl Café & Games is not responsible for packages lost or damaged in transit. If a package arrives with obvious damage, we will refuse the delivery. You will be responsible for contacting the shipping company to file a claim.
      • We do not accept Collect on Delivery (COD).
      • Shipping and handling costs are your responsibility. If a package arrives with postage due, the amount will be deducted from your Buylist total. If the Buylist total cannot cover the amount, your package will be refused.
      • If a package arrives with customs due (including customs taxes, duties, or fees), the amount will be deducted from your Buylist total. If the Buylist total cannot cover the amount, your package will be refused.
      • The payment amount is not finalized until your packages is received and our team can verify its contents.
      • Submissions must be sorted in the order found on the checkout and confirmation page. Failure to do so will result in a 15% sorting fee, to be deducted from your Buylist total.
      • If there are any errors found in your Buylist (wrong cards, wrong editions, missing, damaged, or unacceptable items) we will automatically deduct the price difference from your Buylist total. You will only be contacted for approval if the price difference is 15% or more, or if the difference is $100 or more.
        • If you wish to have your damaged cards returned, we will deduct the cost of shipping from your total and will mail them back to you.
      • If your Buylist does not cover the cost to return, you will be required to pay for the cost of return shipping.
      • Supplies sent as packing for mail-in Buylist submissions (deck boxes, binders, card sleeves, etc.) will not be returned. Cards should be submitted in as few supplies as possible.
      • Buylist items must be received within 14 days after the Buylist is submitted. This includes items that are being shipped.
        • Buylist items not received within the 14-day timeframe will be cancelled.


If your cards do not meet the specified condition, or there are errors in your Buylist that result in a pricing difference of 15% or greater, or $100 or more, you will receive an updated offer email. You will have three business days to respond to the new offer. If you do not respond within the given timeframe we will assume that you have accepted the revised offer and we will process your payment with the deductions applied.


Buylist submissions with excessive inaccuracies in card conditions may be charged a 15% sorting fee, or cancelled entirely, depending on the size of the buylist. If you have questions about the condition of your cards, please refer to the TCG Condition Guide.


Please sort your cards in the order they are listed in your Buylist checkout and confirmation pages. Failure to do so will result in a 15% sorting fee, which will be deducted from your Buylist total.


If you wish to have any cards returned, the request must be made when you accept the deduction. Shipping costs will depend on the type and number of cards being returned. Once the deduction is accepted (including deductions that received no response) and processed, all received cards will be considered property of Swirl Cafe & Games and will no longer be eligible for return.


Buylist submissions with excessive errors will not be processed. Cards will be returned at your expense. Repeated violations can result in your Buylist privileges being suspended.